Knights of the Pain Table

A Camelot for Sufferers of Chronic Pain

Two Furry Jesters Doth Make Camelot Laugh with Medieval Madness

Lady Ginger and Sir Serene

Sir Cabel,  dog of our Arthur,   didst hear the plight of these two dogs,  that had little space to lay their heads.   With noblesse oblige,  he didst seek help for his fellow creatures.    Sir Tyolet,  who didst speak the language of animals,  asked his gracious King if someone in Camelot could adopt these precious two.

King Arthur gathered all in the Great Hall to introduce Sir Serene and Lady Ginger.   Like a gale of mirth,  sweet magic commenced and all in the Great Hall were stabb’d with laughter!

Warning:   Kissing involved!

With eyes twinkling with the tears of joy,    King Arthur didst proclaim that Sir Serene and Lady Ginger, shall be two guardian Jesters of Camelot.   With beating hertes of love,  the paws went wild.     Sir Cabel had fulfilled his duty and his wish.

In Camelot the Knights knew they too had been loved by Ginger.    We have all been loved by Lady Ginger and Sir Serene.   We love them too.

We thanketh those in the world who picketh up their swords to fight for their fellow furry friends.    And we thanketh that newsroom and host for not forgetting that merriment is part of life..

With Two Little Jester Knights by my side in Camelot,

Lady Sharon
Scribe of Camelot, still in tears…..

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