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New Anthem for Autoimmune Disease: Rob Thomas’ “Her Diamonds”

Rob Thomas,  American rock recording artist and songwriter and lead singer of the band  “Matchbox Twenty” composed the song “Her Diamonds” for his wife Marisol Maldonado Thomas who suffers from a rare autoimmune disease similar to  Lupus erythematosus.   A beautiful act of love.

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Scientists have Managed to Grow a Form of Meat in a Laboratory. World First!

Scientists in the Netherlands recently announced that they have grown meat in a laboratory for the first time.   Could be on sale within five years.      Animal rights group, PETA and vegetarians have no ethical objection,   as it means less suffering for the creatures on this earth.

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Losing my Soldier Daughter Sarah is More than I can Bear – That is why She Left her Horse and Dog to Look after Me

Sarah, his only child,  was killed in a roadside bomb blast in Afghanistan last summer.    In a moving and humorous account,  he tells how writing a children’s book of quirky stories about his daughter’s adventures with her horse Monty and dog Tyler helped him cope with his grief – and will keep her memory alive…         A Beautiful Story of the love between them all.

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