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Princess Alyssa Giveth a Gift of Light – Pantene Thai Commercial

“Why am I different from others?”
“Why do you have to be like others?”

~from the Pantene Thai Commercial

Princess Alyssa

Once upon a time a beautiful Princess with raven locks, rode through the gates of Camelot. The golden cadence of her powerful horse didst light the shadows of the night. Sweet musik, didst she hear, as she rode by the castle doors. She dismounted her draped palfrey to follow the beautiful musik.

Guided by the candle’s light, she didst find the grandest of all halls, where the Tran-Siberian Orchestra played the “Christmas Canon” from Pachelbel’s Canon in D major. All in Camelot felt honoured to have such a gentle Princess visit their castle.

To show her love, to all, Princess Alyssa didst then give gifts of precious light to protect the hertes in Camelot. One gift was a story of a deaf girl that had a deep hope beyond the shadow of a dream. Out of her melancholy was born a spirit that inspires. Dear Knights let us watch this video.

Note: This is a Thai television commercial for the shampoo, Pantene. (You can shine.)

We thanketh Pantene for creating this mini movie of the highest order. It is one of the most memorable commercials that we have ever seen.

Princess Alyssa is now a special part of Camelot’s herte. Her strength, her understanding, her spirit and compassion hath given immeasurable light to this humble Scribe. All in Camelot feel blessed to know her. I thanketh thee, Princess Alyssa of Camelot.

May softness, joy and peace follow thee now and always.

Lady Sharon
Scribe and Blessed Friend to Princess Alyssa

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2 Responses to “Princess Alyssa Giveth a Gift of Light – Pantene Thai Commercial”

  1. Princess Alyssa says:

    I want to deliver my deepest gratitude to Lady Sharon for posting the very inspirational Thai Pantene commercial. We hope that the Knight of Camelot and everyone will inspire by this commercial.

    May peace and harmony may reign from our hearts, forever and beyond

    A blessed Merry Christmas and prosperous Happy New Year to all of us

    Alyssa Joyce

  2. Lady Sharon says:


    It is an honor always to hear your words. All in Camelot doth receive thy message and thank thee. King Arthur doth have a special seat for you in this season of light. You are a source of light in the bleak winter. We wish thee a joyful Christmas that will remain in your herte the next year through. Come let us toast this special day.

    Dona Nobis Pacem – Grant Us Peace

    Lady Sharon