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Bob Hope Didst Give Light to the Veterans at Christmas – We Remember

Bob Hope

How far that little candle throws his beams!
So shines a good deed in a weary world.
~William Shakespeare

When thou hast a gift to cheer and laugh and entertain, it is wonderful.   But to use that gift to give to those in the most direst of circumstances is a great blessing to the world.

Bob Hope, an American actor and comedian, began performing for veterans throughout the world in 1941.    He left a legacy of laughter and joy to all those who watched his Christmas shows.

Amidst bombs, deaths, horrific wounds and suffering, he brought his type of Camelot to the stage, so for one moment the troops could find the peace and happiness in their hearts.  Watch this tribute to Bob Hope.

For those who suffer chronic illness or severe pain, we understand that sometimes you just need to be silly and see the world in a funny way.    Bob Hope understood how to find that silliness in our hertes.

Let us thank Bob Hope and remember him this Christmas and all those who took part in those amazing shows.

We doth finish with a clip from Bob Hope’s Final Vietnam Christmas Tour.

Tonight in Camelot we will remember all those who sacrificed to bring others comfort.

Thanks for the memories Bob. We will never forget your Camelot.

With Gratitude,

Lady Sharon and all in Camelot

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