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Steph Jones – I am the Little Drummer Boy – New Music Ft Jordin Sparks.

Little Drummer Boy

It is exciting when an artist fuses music from different genres or times.    It takes talent to take an original song with so much meaning, to so many, and extend its reach.   American singer/songwriter, Steph Jones, was confident enough to bring us his version of the classic Christmas song, the “Little Drummer Boy”.

We are engaged from the beginning of the song, as we hear the beat of the drums and a chant.    Steph sings the song with a gentleness and respect that is quite beautiful.    It feels more worldly, as the drums are at centre stage, as he sings  “When we come”.

The video is simple, but holds passion, which honors the original, as it was just the small poor boy and his drum that came before the King of Kings.    In this version, Steph Jones beats to his own inner drum. Steph spoke of his thoughts on making his rendition.

“I didn’t make this song just for Christmas,” Steph says.  “It’s a song to inspire others and bring people together. When Jordin Sparks, B. Scott and I were marching with the drums, I imagined us being on the front line of a war. It was my way of saying that it doesn’t matter if you are man, women, gay or straight. We should all be able to come together and fight for a certain cause no matter who you are. And once we truly figure that out, then that’s when we grow as people.”

As in the original version, the true source of the beat of his drum is courage and pure love that come from deep within his heart.

The drum is a very powerful instrument and has the longest history of any instrument.    Since drums first appeared from at least  6000 BC,  they have had a strong ceremonial, sacred or symbolic meaning to us.

Drums, in addition to music,   were also used as speech.    A pattern of beats played a certain way could communicate information.    In Africa, drums were given great respect and used for many religious purposes.    As the drum evolved its use in ceremonies changed to music and music creation.

But if anyone has been outside on a summer night listening to drums beating in a special repetitive pattern, there is no doubt that we are still touched in a deep way by this rhythmic channel.    It stirs something deep within us.    I think Steph has captured that primal courage that we must use when love is at stake,  just like the original Little Drummer Boy.

Lady Sharon
Scribe of Camelot

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