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A Mirthful New Year’s Eve was Had by All in Camelot

Medieval Musings

The nocturnal reverie didst continue in Camelot to wilcume the Yeere 2010  ( 1010 in Camelot Years ). Wassail and mead were toasted for many with words from the King and Knights of Camelot.

This mirthful menagerie of Knights with their giddy King,  then rode off into the night forgetting their horses.    Let me recount the silly escapade that doth bring laughter to all in Camelot this New Year’s Day.

King Arthur, son of Uther Pendragon and his servant Patsy stop at a nearby castle & discuss the air speed velocity of swallows and coconuts…   Me thinketh this castle has also drunk too much mead..

Then they encounter the Keeper of the Bridge of Death….  who is like a breathalyser test in Medieval Times.

Ah , yes the merry King Arthur, Sir Lancelot and the Knights of Camelot are now back in the castle as Merlin, our apothecary, whips up a hangover remedy from herbs.

So if thee decides to take a ride today on thy horse, I prithee to assure thy beast is under thee.

Scribing with a merry glee,

Lady Sharon
In the Land of Compassion and Reverie

These brilliant videos are from Monty Python’s Movie Monty Python and the Holy Grail (Special Edition)

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  1. That is a great, thanks a lot to post this.

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    You are most welcome. I thank thee for visiting Camelot. Have a safe journey.

    Lady Sharon