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Maimed by Dogfighting Fay Becomes a Symbol of Hope & Courage

Animal Survivors – Fay a Symbol of Hope

Compassion, in which all ethics must take root, can only attain its full breadth and depth if it embraces all living creatures and does not limit itself to mankind.

Albert Schweitzer

This is a story of extreme cruelty, extreme courage, extreme compassion and extreme love. But most of all it is about the great spirit in a little dog, named Fay, whose heart never forgot love.

In 2009, The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) joined federal, state and local law enforcement agencies to crackdown on dogfighters across many states. Among the hundreds of dogs that were saved, one was a black pit bull named Fay.

Fay’s face had been mutilated by dogfighting.    We can only imagine the horror she experienced. She became a symbol of the cruelty inflicted on innocent animals by people like Michael Vick.     With so much pain in her short life, she still showed affection to those who rescued her. Her story was so poignant, that she became one of the most inspiring animal survivor stories from 2009.    Watch her story.

After her rescue Gale Frey, founder of Mutts-n-Stuff, in St. Louis, Mo. took Fay to her home to care for her. She began to plan a future for Fay by consulting plastic surgeons, to see how Fay’s lips could be restored.   What touched me most deeply was the fact that Gale wanted Fay to get well, so she could become a therapy dog to visit veterans who have lost limbs or children that were ill.     She felt Fay’s spirit would lift other hearts that felt defeated.

With great sadness I just read that Fay passed away on December 29th after her surgery, which the HSUS   had funded.     Fay was victim to the worst cruelty, but in her last days, she was given kindness and compassion and died in the arms of those who loved her.

If you have suffered great pain, you understand the extraordinary love in that little dog’s heart to be able to hold onto love, when all types of cruelty try to beat it out of her.    Fay’s story cannot be forgotten. As human beings when we treat our fellow creatures like this, then we suffer also, as we loose our humanity.

Let us not forget our friends on this earth, as they suffer just as we do. In Camelot tonight we bow our heads for all those creatures who are alone and are in pain. We say a special prayer for these special little Knights of the Pain Table.  We loveth thee Fay.

We thank all those who each day reach out to lessen the suffering of the creatures on this earth.

With Great Respect & Sadness

Lady Sharon
Scribe & Knight of the Table

Fay was part of the “Animal Survivors” campaign by The Human Society of the United States. We shall share more stories another day. Learn more about the Animal  Survivor” Campaign.

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