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Haiti We Heareth Your Cry – SamJay Paints Thy World with Music

Haitian Prayer

Papa, Li sanble ke yon fret angoudi nou
Vlope nou nan lenn pawol ou e chofe nou.


A cold wind seems to have chilled us.
Wrap us in the blanket of your Word and warm us up.

While shadows of tragedy fall upon Haiti, we think of all those who are suffering. We bow  our heads and say a special prayer tonight for this broken land.

With Peace for Haiti,

Lady Sharon,  King Arthur & all in Camelot


The incredible music that accompanies this poignant video, is created by a new music producer,  SamJay,  from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.      Hailing from Sierra Leone he fuses hip-hop, soul, African, R&B, rock, pop & other genres.    In 2009,  SamJay created his company, Apollo Reign Entertainment.

SamJay, is someone to watch, as he creates a stunning painting with musical notes.    He speaks to a deeper place within us.    We shall follow this extremely talented young artist, as he explores the world of music.

We thank SamJay for this moving video of Haiti.

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