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10 Myths About Domestic Violence – Saving a Concrete Angel

Domestic Abuse and Violence

Because so many individuals adhere to the myths regarding domestic violence as the steadfast truth, thousands of men and women every year become trapped inside dangerous – even deadly – situations. They end up shamed and manipulated into staying with and occasionally defending those who hurt and threaten their happiness and safety.
~Suzane Smith

Recently the British actor, Patrick Stewart revealed the great impact his life had endured due to witnessing his Mother being abused by his Father.  The ongoing violence, the shame and helplessness it procured in him, affected his inner core.

Suzane Smith wrote an excellent article focusing light on this horrible violence that occurs each minute throughout the world.   Titled “10 Myths About Domestic Violence”, it challenges our own perceptions about this issue.

We must always be willing to challenge our beliefs.  Reading this article, one sees how shame and denial blind us to this very real darkness in our world.    The great tragedy is that this violence permeates a child’s essence.

Martina McBride sings this stunning song called “Concrete Angel”, that will touch your heart very deeply.    Watch Concrete Angel.

When a child is hurt, we are hurt.   We need to hear  and feel the pain of broken families.

There are many resources available for those who need help.    One such source is   “Boost Child Abuse Prevention & Intervention“.    If you think abuse is not happening, just read the comments from the video “Concrete Angel”,   and you will see the pain that drapes our families.

We thank Suzane Smith for writing a provoking article.   We thank Rob Crosby and Stephanie Bentley for composing this beautiful song  “Concrete Angel” and Martina McBride and Paul Worley for bringing it to life.

A fragile soul caught in the hands of fate,
When morning comes it will be too late.

With a bowed head in sadness,

Lady Sharon & All in Camelot

Read “10 Myths About Domestic Violence

P.S. In case you are wondering the little boy int he video turns out to be an angel.   She was not alone.  We pray that an angel watches over all those who are hurt by those who should love them and protect them.

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