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Sumi, Quatchi, Miga and Mukmuk 2010 Winter Olympic Mascots Welcome Thee

Winter Olympic Mascots

Thou hast four new friends that welcome you to the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver, BC, Canada. Their names are Sumi, Quatchi, Miga and Mukmuk and they are the official mascots for the 2010 Olympics.

Sumi lives in the mountains of British Columbia. His name is from a Salish word meaning “guardian spirit”. He wears the hat of the orca whale and flies with the wings of the mighty thunderbird, and runs on the strong legs of the black bear. Sumi works hard to protect the land, water and creatures of his homeland.

In the art and legend of the West Coast First Nations, there is a common theme of transformation.  This theme reflects the connection and kinship between humans, animals and the spirit world.

Revered animals, such as the orca whale, the bear and the thunderbird, are depicted in transformation through masks, totems and other forms of art.  Each animal brings different strengths and qualities.

Quatchi is a young sasquatch who comes from the mysterious forests of Canada. Quatchi is shy, and loves all winter sports. His dream is to be a world famous goalie in hockey, so you will often see him at the net, working hard to fulfill his dream. The sasquatch is a popular figure in local native legends of the Pacific West Coast.

Miga is a sea bear, which is part killer whale and part bear. The Pacific Northwest First Nations have legends of orca whales transforming into bears when they arrive on land.

As part orca,  she is considered “Guardian of the Sea”. Miga is also part Kermode bear.     According to First Nations’ legend, Kermode bears  were turned white by Raven to remind people of the Ice Age.    Miga always surfs in the summer, so she was so excited to discover snowboarding in the winter.

Mukmuk is a mascot sideckick whose name comes from the Chinook jargon for “food”. Our little Mukmuk loves to eat and cheer on his friends. He is a Vancouver Island marmot, an extremely rare and endangered species.

With the magic of Merlin, let us meet these little creatures with big hearts.

So if it is your first time walking the path of Vancouver, just remember you have these little friends that will cheer you on and protect you with their spirit.

With a Welcome Curtsy,

Lady Sharon
Scribe of Camelot & Vancouver

Read more about Sumi, Quatchi, Miga and Mukmuk at the 2010 Winter Olympic Website

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