Knights of the Pain Table

A Camelot for Sufferers of Chronic Pain

Britain’s Got Talent – The Dog that Danceth

| April 30, 2010

Tina and Chandi All the dogs in Camelot have waved their tails and yelped in joy after seeing Chandi, a Border Collie, dance on the British talent show, “Britain’s Got Talent” with her choreographer and soulmate, Tina Humprey. Chandi has set the bar for dancing dogs.      After twirling,   doing ballet lifts and curtseys to […]

May It Be an Evening Star that Shines – Princess Alyssa of Camelot

| April 29, 2010

Princess Alyssa of Camelot A gentle rain from heaven doth fall upon Camelot. A stillness coats the Castle deep. Bells toll too soon for a friend in Camelot. Once upon a time, a Princess didst ride through Camelot’s gate to heare the musik faire. Her wisdom and compassion blessed Camelot for two years. Now bluebirds […]

Britain’s Got Talent – Chloe Hickinbottom Singeth White Cliffs of Dover by Vera Lynn

| April 21, 2010

Chloe Hickinbottom There’ll be bluebirds over The white cliffs of Dover, Tomorrow Just you wait and see. There’ll be joy and laughter And peace ever after, Tomorrow When the world is free, During the first auditions for ‘Britain’s Got Talent’, a young 10 year old girl surprised everyone by singing the inspirational song, “(There’ll be […]

The Voice of Camelot Shall Ride Once More

| April 19, 2010

Lady Sharon Speaketh Verily, here must the spirit rise to grace, or else neither the body nor it, shall there rise to glory. ~ Lancelot Andrewes (1555-1626) In the halls of marble, I doth stand to greet thee, dear Knights & all in Camelot.   Sweet friends, I prithee take thy seat of velvet and […]

The Passion of the Christ is Our Light in Suffering Psalm 22

| April 2, 2010

Our Offering “The Passion” is the Christian theological term used for the events and suffering – physical, spiritual, and mental – of Jesus in the hours before and including his trial and execution by crucifixion.    The Crucifixion of Jesus lies deep in the heart of Christian beliefs. What did Jesus feel as He endured injustice, […]

Suffering and Forgiveness – A Powerful Message on Good Friday

| April 2, 2010

One day a while back, a man, his heart heavy with grief, was walking in the woods. As he thought about his life this day, he knew many things were not right. He thought about those who had lied about him back when he had a job. His thoughts turned to those who had stolen […]