Knights of the Pain Table

A Camelot for Sufferers of Chronic Pain

The Voice of Camelot Shall Ride Once More

Lady Sharon Speaketh

Verily, here must the spirit rise to grace,
or else neither the body nor it,
shall there rise to glory.
~ Lancelot Andrewes (1555-1626)

In the halls of marble, I doth stand to greet thee, dear Knights & all in Camelot.   Sweet friends, I prithee take thy seat of velvet and rest awhile.

This Scribe has been pulled into the realms of battles lately, thereby not writing as my herte desired.    Pain hath chased my sleep, but now sometimes sleep escapes my pain.   Your patience, brave followers, embraces my herte.

Now duty whispers.   With strong minds, great hertes, true faith and ready hands, we can ride together through storms, grief, laughter and love.    Mine ear is open and my herte prepared to listen. I shall be the voice of Camelot.

I beseech thee to step into the light from the Castle of Camelot, where you shall be safe from the perils and dangers of the dark.    Lift thy glass now to the freedom of thy herte.

Lady Sharon
Your humble Scribe of Camelot

P.S. If thou didst see a problem with this Kingdom recently, this blog had been attacked by some Monster called “Malware”.    Now  all seems well in Camelot, as the monster has been sent away.  Methinks it was one of Merlin’s apprentices that didst, with magic,  accidentally make the Monster appear.

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