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Britain’s Got Talent – The Dog that Danceth

Tina and Chandi

All the dogs in Camelot have waved their tails and yelped in joy after seeing Chandi, a Border Collie, dance on the British talent show, “Britain’s Got Talent” with her choreographer and soulmate, Tina Humprey. Chandi has set the bar for dancing dogs.      After twirling,   doing ballet lifts and curtseys to Ponchielli’s “Dance of the Hours”,   they were given a deserved standing ovation. This routine will melt thy armour.      If you have a problem with the video click here.

Like Kate and Gin, contestants from last year, they have impressed the audience with their special talents.

Tina rescued Chandi, with blue merle colouring, from the dog pound and since then they have had a special bond of love.    We wish Tina and Chandi great luck on “Britain’s Got Talent”.

To all thou four legged furry Knights in Camelot, get thy leotards on as ballet classes doth commence.

Lady Sharon
Scribe of Camelot

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