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Charlotte Church Singeth – The Actors – on Over the Rainbow

Over the Rainbow

Charlotte Church is currently on the BBC show, “Over the Rainbow”, which asks viewers to choose a Dorothy to perform in the West End production of “The Wizard of Oz”.        Andrew Lloyd-Webber along with the panel of experts  (including Sheila Hancock,  John Partridge and Charlotte Church) help the viewers choose the best young woman for the part.

I was delighted to see Charlotte Church and found her to be an excellent and insightful judge.   She genuinely gives great comments with the knowledge she has gained during her many years of hard work.

This week , the phenomenal Welsh Songstress,  Charlotte Church,  didst debut the single from her upcoming album called ‘The Actors’.      The song was rather haunting with a presence of musical theatre. Listen to her first solo in four years.

An interesting choice for this famous singer.    I believe she is exploring new paths to grow as an artist.    Personally I prefer her soprano voice, rather than the lower registers,  but I know she is moving towards her fusion of music and voice.     She also co-wrote most of the album.

We thank Charlotte Church for the beautiful recordings that have become part of our culture.   “The Voice of an Angel” is forever in our hearts.

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