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Mavis Cameron Disappears from “The Whistler” Old Time Radio Program

| July 26, 2010

The Whistler March 17, 1947 Mavis Cameron was working as a filing clerk  with the  Fifth National Bank in Chicago.  But bank work was dull and Mavis had a dream.  She loved to sing. After work she goes out for dinner.  She is asked to sing.  Afterwords in the bar she meets Dan Spinelli.  An […]

Enrique Iglesias I, I, I Like It Giveth Us Some More

| July 24, 2010

Enrique Iglesias In Camelot,  as the sun doth beat,  we are dancing now to Enrique Iglesias’ latest single ‘I Like It’.  It may upon first listen seem interesting, but it really comes to life the more one listens.  Fusing sounds from different genres the song captures the wild beauty of life. Son of Julio Iglesias, […]

Patients with Chronic Pain Are Not Receiving Adequate Relief

| July 24, 2010

Chronic Pain Deborah Mitchell on EmaxHealth wrote an interesting article concerning chronic pain patients and how effectively they are treated.  The research suggests that many chronic pain patients are not given adequate pain relief in our present medical systems.  For those who have experienced chronic pain, this news confirms their experiences. Pain Management expert Kathryn […]