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Patients with Chronic Pain Are Not Receiving Adequate Relief

Chronic Pain

Deborah Mitchell on EmaxHealth wrote an interesting article concerning chronic pain patients and how effectively they are treated.  The research suggests that many chronic pain patients are not given adequate pain relief in our present medical systems.  For those who have experienced chronic pain, this news confirms their experiences.

Pain Management expert Kathryn Hahn discusses her findings in the issue of the Journal of Pain and Palliative Care Pharmacotherapy 2009; 23(4): 414-18.

Hahn argues that the failure to adequately treat pain associated with a variety of medical problems can be linked to physicians’ personal biases, inadequate training in pain management, and fear of prescription drug abuse.  These hurdles need to be overcome, as Hahn says the situation is reaching “crisis proportions.”

With statistics showing that 76.2 million Americans suffer with chronic pain, this is a silent epidemic.    Since acute pain and chronic pain have different paths in the body, chronic pain does not respond to many of the acute pain treatments.  Hahn also notes that pain treatment is not a major part of medical school training, so most doctors may not be aware of all the options for treatments.

It is important especially for new patients to know that they must be vigilant in finding relief for their condition.  We all must find a voice to help one another because at this point there is no definitive answer for chronic pain.  Each person responds in a unique way.  As patients we have the right not to suffer.  We have already lost too many sufferers who could not battle the pain any longer.

Thank you Deborah Mitchell for an insightful piece.  It is through awareness and education that we can help those who are suffering in silence.

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Source:  EmaxHealth Submitted by Deborah Mitchell on 2010-01-05

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