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Suspicion from “Suspense” the Old Time Radio Program 1948

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Suspicion – Suspense

"It is very quiet in Hammersmith, the western metropolitian bureau of London. Orderly homes line orderly residential streets. And inside these homes quiet people lead quiet lives….It is in Hammersmith our story is laid."

It is indeed quiet in Hammersmith as Mr. Mummery rides the train to work. However he experiences another attack of stomach pains which have recently started. His wife is at home too ill to leave the house. The newspaper chronicles the search by police for Mrs. Andrews, a cook, who seeks out positions and then slowly poisens her victims. Mr. Mummery follows this case closely out of curiosity, but soon finds similarities in his own life, to that of Mrs. Andrews and her victims. As Mrs Mummery continues to get ill and Mr. Mummery finds tampering with his weed killer, circumstances come together to a climactic ending. This tale will keep you every minute in suspense.

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Originally broadcast April 3, 1948.

This hour long presentation of "Suspicion" was adapted from the 1940 short story by the author Dororthy L. Sayers. Directed by Anton M. Leader, the producer for CBS Radio’s "Suspense" (1948-1950), it starred Sam Jaffey as Mr. Mummery.

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Suspicion – Suspense – 1948

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