Knights of the Pain Table

A Camelot for Sufferers of Chronic Pain

Alcuin of York (c.735-804) At Night in Prayer in Camelot

Alcuin of York (c.735-804) At Night in Prayer in Camelot

Alcuin of York (c.735-804)

As the night falleth, the Champions of paine filed through the gates of Camelot. The high auncient towers, by heauens light, comforted the wearie broken Knights.

Plentie of riches and a hearty feast helped their worldly cares forget. Seated in velvet, the grief in their minds began to lift.

Their Queen Guinevere, embellisht with golden light, introduced a guest, of noble might. This night was, by his presence blest. As the fires were kindled, all tuned to hear Alcuin of York’s Prayer of grace.

At Night

Fountain of light, source of light,
Hear our prayer.

Drive away from us the shadow of sin.
Seek us, kindly light.

You, who created us in holiness,
Who condemned our sin,
Who redeemed us from our sin,
Sustain us by your power.

The labour of the day is over,
And now we rest safely at home.
Make this home your home.
And protect us with your grace.

The sun has fallen below the earth,
And now the darkness is here.
Let your uncreated light shine
Upon our dark and weary souls.

Pour your gentle light into our dull minds.
Filling our heads with holy thoughts.
Pour your glorious light into our cold breasts,
Kindling holy love within our hearts.

From horror, lust and fear,
Guard us while we sleep.
And if we cannnot sleep,
Let our eyes behold your heavenly host.

The beauty of his words didst touch their mighty hertes.

Now all in Camelot didst sleep until the shiny sunne would laugheth once more.

With night blessings,

Lady Sharon
Your humble Scribe of Camelot

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