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Medieval Lesson 106 – Regarder – for Thy Knights of the Pain Table

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Regarder – Medieval Lesson 106

Wilcume back dear students of the University of Camelot (U of C). School is back in session for thee. On this day we shall begin with a short lesson about the word "Regarder".

A Regarder was a knight who was responsible for checking local woods and forest areas every three years and then reporting back to the Forest Court.

The meanings ‘looking at something, keeping it in sight’ and ‘guarding it’ are closely linked for the word "regard". The Old French ‘garder’ (to guard) was ancestor to the English ‘guard’. If one adds the prefix ‘re’ which means ‘back’ to guard, the meaning becomes ‘keep one’s eyes on’ or ‘look at’.

The forest area would be marked using boundary stones. Using the system of ‘metes and bounds’ the woods were measured out for the Regarder, as mentioned in the list of his duties.

This lesson has ended for today. Now go for a ride in the open air for thy herte and soul.

With Humble Respect,

Merlin, Magister of U of C
Camelot and The Knights of the Pain Table

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