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Lena Horne Remembered at the 83rd Annual Academy Awards

If You Just Smile

"It`s not the load that breaks you down, it`s the way you carry it."
~Lena Horne

Last night at the 83rd Annual Academy Awards, the traditional memorial montage included tributes to many beloved movie stars, including the African-American singer/actress Lena Horne.

Lena first achieved fame in the 1940’s and then spent a lifetime battling racial and social injustice. She broke new ground for many black performers during her long career.

Each of us carries a load and some have to carry a heavier load than others. But it is the way we carry our load that defines us. Lena battled her many injustices with grace and courage. We thank her for all she gave to us.

We shall miss all these wonderful people who gave us moments that we will always treasure. Listen to Celine Dion sing so beautifully "Smile" at the Academy Awards.

With Remembrance and Admiration,

Lady Sharon
Scribe of Camelot

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