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Wet Saturday and August Heat from “Suspense” Old Time Radio Program 1948

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Wet Saturday – Suspense

"Rain beats at the windows. They are like any middle class family at home on a wet day. Except for one small item… .."

As the rain beats down outside, the British Princey family gathers inside to discuss a rather delicate matter…..of murder.

Robert Montgomery presents a unique one hour combination of two productions involving dramatic weather and suspense. Both are also based in London. Wet Saturday is based on a short story by John Collier. August Heat is remarkable short story written in 1910 by W.F. Harvey. Berry Kroeger and Dennis Huey star in both productions.

August Heat – Suspense

"….August 20, 1947. I have had what I believe to be a most remarkable day in my life…Let me say at the outset my name is James Clarence Withencroft. You must remember that in order to have the full implication of my story….James Clarence Withencroft…"

James Clarence Withencroft is by profession an artist. His day begins at breakfast on an oppressively hot day. Looking for a subject for his pencil sketch, he is overcome by a strong force and sketches a man that he has never met. The man is a criminal who is about to be sentenced and is holding an object. James Clarence then sets out on the most unusual of adventures still always in the stifling heat.

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Originally broadcast March 20, 1948.

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Wet Saturday and August Heat- Suspense – 1948

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