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Kylie Minogue’s Fragile Moment in Interview with Molly Meldrum

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Kylie Minogue – Aphrodite Les Folies 2011

The ever vivacious Kylie Minogue was taken back during an interview with her good friend Molly Meldrum, when she recounted one of her experiences during her early days with breast cancer. The moment of raw footage showed the fragility of this beautiful talented singer/actress, as she broke down in tears and left the room.

After composing herself she returned to share how her battle with cancer, and the compassion she received, touched her deeply and she is still affected by the experience.

Kylie was diagnosed with breast cancer in May 2005 forcing her to cancel her Australian tour. With her family’s support she bravely went through treatment and fought to regain her health. During the interview with Channel Seven, Kylie said,

"I was raised without any put-downs, without ever hearing anyone like my parents say ‘You can’t do this, you can’t do that.’ We were just encouraged to do what we loved."

It seems Kylie found her Camelot in being with her family. Watch this moving interview with Kylie Minogue.

We are so happy that she has now embarked on her world "Aphrodite Les Folies 2011" tour which began on February 19th in Herning, Denmark. It is described as follows:

"Flying angels, mythical horses, water fountains of splendour all housed in a magical world fit for a goddess."

Methinks Merlin might have helped Kylie with this show.

For all those who perhaps are facing a battle with cancer, look to others like Kylie Minogue, who rode ahead on a mythical horse, with such courage and grace. And remember we are here to be your Camelot.

We thank Kylie for being such a gorgeous light in this world and bringing such joy.

God spede thee in thy journeye.

Lady Sharon
Scribe of Camelot

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