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St. Patrick’s Feast with the Irish Rovers, and Farewell Blessing

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The Irish Rovers –Sweet Minstrels

A grand time was had by all this St. Patrick’s Day in Camelot. One feast, one castle, one mutual

Sweet friends, joined by hertes, didst happily arrive. Mead and malmsey stirred a merry nimble spirit as
naives didst dance. Bragget and ale, methinks didst give the feast full light, as the minstrels didst sing
and the acrobats bounced. Come and join in as the precious Irish Rovers singeth "Lilly the Pink".

Heaven me such merriment. How well beloved each warmed spirit felt from their King Arthur Pendragon and Queen Guinevere.

Merlin, with childhood joy, by mere accident, didst sendeth Sir Dagonet down a well. In tears of
laughter Sir Lancelot then didst fall over a small goat. Faith and Begorrah twas a wild wave of plenteous
joy across the land. The Bards scribed verses of rich breath to capture this rapturous silver sound.

The canopy of stars covereth Camelot. I last didst see our dear scribe, Lady Sharon in the Great Hall
partnered with Ealdorman Egbert in dance. With glee she accepted my offer to write to thee.

I shall bid adieu for this nyght. Let us end with St. Patrick’s Farewell Blessing

St. Patrick’s Farewell Blessing

"A blessing of the Munster people
Men, youths, and women;
A blessing on the land
That yields them fruit.

A blessing on every treasure
That shall be produced on their plains,
without any one being in want of help.
God’s blessing be on Münster.

God’s blessing be on their peaks,
On their bare flagstones,
A blessing on their glens,
A blessing on their ridges.

Like the sand of the sea under ships,
Be the number of their hearths;
On slopes, on plains,
On mountains, on hills, a blessing."

Blessings to thee dear friends.

Your Humble Servant,

Fredre Ealdwulf
Scriptarius in Camelot


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