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A Camelot for Sufferers of Chronic Pain

Elizabeth Taylor- A Violet Floweret Embathed in Heavenly Light

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Elizabeth Taylor (1932-2011)

"And raised to heaven her eyes so blue-"
~ S.T. Coleridge

To yon starry world Dame Elizabeth Taylor was called yesterday, where she didst join many great stars who went before her. The world shall miss this shining star on this earthly stage.

Beauty born, her life seemed nature blessed. But on her road to heaven, she suffered much pain. Elizabeth Taylor hath moved Camelot with her courageous battle against her chronic illnesses and chronic pain.

Her fight began so early at the age of 12 when she fell off a horse and injured her back. That injury would haunt her. She had a degenerative spine condition, a form of scoliosis, which in later years, severely twisted her back, causing great pain. She had to undergo many operations for back pain, tonsillitis, kidney problems, an ovarian cyst, broken bones, appendicitis, partial hysterectomy and emergency tracheotomy. She also survived a benign brain tumor and many more difficult ailments.

With a silent courageous spirit she faced each one. Asked about the fact she survived so many serious health issues she said,

"There must be some reason that God wants me to live. There must be something left for me to do. And I have to find out what that something is and go out there and do it."

She was true to her word and worked tirelessly, with herte benevolent, for those who suffered with AIDS.

As she wakes in the soften’d echoes of Heaven’s Halls we pray she is without the darkness of ill health and pain, so she can ride her spirited steed ,the Pie, once more.

Farewell dear Elizabeth. Thou art a true Knight of the Pain Table and ever will be. Your humble Knights tonight remembereth a girl and a horse, and the magic that began in a film called "National Velvet".

King Arthur and all in Camelot doth bow our heads and lament. We prayeth sweet blessings for this violet floweret now under Heaven’s Eternal Sun. You shall always be in our hertes.

With Remembrance,

Lady Sharon
Scribe of Camelot

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