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A Tender Herted Dog Protects A Wounded Friend in Japan After Tsunami

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Tale of Chivalry

"But the tender heart o’leesome love
The gowd and siller canna buy"
~Robbie Burns

A tale of chivalry amidst the horrific devastation in the Arahama area of Japan will touch thee deeply. The northeast coastal area of Japan experienced a 9.0 earthquake followed by a killer tsunami that obliterated entire areas.

Amidst all the debris a Spaniel dog emerged alive. The camera follows the dog to another motionless dog, which the first dog is protecting. With much relief the second dog is alive. Watch this beautiful tapestry of love unfold.

To stand by one who is injured and protect them, even at the expense of your own life is a great act of compassion. Chivalry does not have to be taught. It exists deep within our herte. This little dog acted as the bravest most noble of knights and shall be honored in Camelot by King Arthur.

Tonight we shall pray for all the animals in Japan who are alone, injured and feeling abandoned. They are not alone. Our hertes are with them always. And we thank that little Spaniel for standing by his friend.

With gratitude,

Lady Sharon
Scribe of Camelot

UPDATE: Some websites report the dogs have been rescued, but it is not confirmed completely at this time.

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