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The Dharma or Buddhist Teachings Protect Warriors Like Chivalry

The Dharma or Buddhist Teachings Protect Warriors Like Chivalry

Quote of the Day – On Buddhism

The more one comes to understand the Dharma, or Buddhist teachings, the weaker will be the grip of pride, hatred, greed, and other negative emotions that cause so much suffering. Applying this understanding to daily life over a period of months and years will gradually transform the mind because, despite the fact that it often seems otherwise, the mind is subject to change……

The word "dharma" in Sanskrit means "that which holds." All existents are dharmas, phenomena, in the sense that they hold or bear their own entity or character. Also, a religion is a dharma in the sense that it holds persons back or protects them from disasters. Here the term Dharma refers to the latter definition. In rough terms, any elevated action of the body, speech, or mind is regarded as a dharma because through such an action, one is protected or held back from all sorts of disasters. The practice of such actions is the practice of Dharma.

~from the book "In My Own Words" by
His Holiness The Dalai Lama

Like a religion, chivalry is a dharma in the sense that it holds a person back and protects them form danger and inner pain. By following a code of ethics, a Knight sees the world with respect and love and most of all with compassion.

A Knight does not abuse his/her power but instead protects the most vulnerable with his/her strength. When a Knight is tempted in life by greed or powerful positions, he/she is able to remain humble by focusing the mind on gratitude and on other’s needs. If a Knight is dealt injustice, he/she learns to let go of bitterness, because it can destroy inner peace.

In any battle, if a warrior does not fight with nobility there is a chance they may loose their humanity. The code of ethics protects a warrior like a suit of armour from the ravages of war. Ultimately chivalry protects a warrior’s heart.

Every religion holds this great wisdom, which our hearts truly understand.

With the protection of Chivalry,

Lady Sharon
Scribe of Camelot

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