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Rick Hansen Celebrates the 25th Anniversary of the “Man In Motion World Tour” With His Courageous Herte

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Rick Hansen’s 25th Anniversary of the Man In Motion Tour

"Twenty five years following his legendary Man In Motion World Tour, Rick Hansen’s journey to realize his dream of a world inclusive and accessible to all, continues. Building on a lifetime of extraordinary accomplishments, Rick believes his best work is still in front of him; challenging us to dream extraordinary dreams, to focus attention on accessibility and to remind everyone that when we remove barriers, anything is possible."
~Opening on Rick Hansen’s Website

At the young age of 15, Rick Hansen sustained a spinal cord injury in a car crash and was left paralyzed from the waist down. After months of rehabilitation Rick focused on sports and went on to win 19 international wheelchair marathons.

With an inner compassion to help others and a dream and great passion, Rick set out on his legendary "Man In Motion World Tour" in 1985. His amazing journey covered over 40, 000 kilometers and 34 countries raising $26 million for Spinal Cord Research and quality of life programs.

His quest continued in the years following as he chaired the Commission for the Inclusion of Athletes with Disabilities, a special committee of the International Paralympic Committee. Eventually he presided as President & CEO of the Rick Hansen Foundation.

To commemorate the 25th anniversary of the "Man In Motion World Tour", Rick Hansen has returned to China. During his tour it was in China that he felt a wave of support that he so greatly needed and he never forgot that memory. Since his original visit the Great Wall is now wheelchair accessible and there are many more rehabilitation facilities for paraplegics.

To follow all the events planned for the anniversary visit the Rick Hansen Foundation.

Recently the film "Heart of a Dragon" chronicled his courage and experiences in China. Watch the trailer for "Heart of a Dragon".

We thank Rick Hansen for his indominatable courage and deep compassion. He is a true Knight in this world.

With gratitude,

Lady Sharon
Scribe of Camelot

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