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François Chagneau’s Prayer In My Solitude

François Chagneau’s Prayer In My Solitude

In My Solitude

I am alone
On the road I travel,
On the road you take me,
Drawing me on with a force
That exceeds all human demands.

I am alone
And I feel this solitude
Like a deeply open wound
In the depths of my being.
All those who surround me
Are only shadowy figures,
Vanishing furtively
At the sound of my appeal.
They flee and disappear
When I try to approach them.
An the time is coming
When I will settle into this solitude
And it will be my lone companion.

I do not know from where
This solitude comes to me.
Does it come from you?
Is it the only road
Where I will discover you
And find at last your truth?
Or does it come from other men
Who refuse to give me love
And thus drive me deeper down
Into a life of cold indifference?
Or does it come from me
Repulsing other human beings
As I try to draw them to me?

I walk O Lord, in solitude
And the silence resounds in my ears
More loudly than the shouts of men.
I walk, O Lord, in solitude,
Plunging deeper into it
As I journey on to you,
My Lord and God.

~Scribed by François Chagneau, Boquen Abbey, France

To each Knight that walks in solitude and feels alone, King Arthur and your fellow Knights walk with you always. Even in the darkest of nights our swords shall be raised together.

May thy herte be strong.

Lady Sharon
Scribe of Camelot

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