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The Three Trees – God Mouldeth Thy Destiny

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We all have dreams. We aspire to do great things and perhaps make a difference in the world. But our dreams, goals and plans are not the same as God’s plan for us. God sees deeper and greater than we could ever see. As human beings it is very difficult to let go of our dreams though.

In this story the three trees have great dreams but find their circumstances do not match their criteria. But with time, their destiny becomes even greater than their dreams could have imagined. In God’s hands their wooden dreams were moulded into the finest purpose.

Perhaps it is best to see our dreams as blueprints to help us navigate us towards our goals. But if our lives take a new direction, perhaps God sees a greater destiny for us and for the world. Like the trees, our destiny is being moulded in God’s hands.

On this day, Good Friday ( in the Christian Faith ), Jesus suffered horrific torture in order to fulfil His destiny for us. There is no greater love than His sacrifice. We pray today and remember His sacrifice and Love.

Deepest Blessings to All,

Lady Sharon
Scribe of Camelot

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