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The Pain Channel with Dr. Steven Siwek Introduction Episode 1

The Pain Channel with Dr. Steven Siwek Introduction Episode 1

Introduction to the Pain Channel

" And nights o’sleepless pain! "
~ Robert Burns

If you suffer with chronic pain or if you know of anyone who suffers with pain, The Pain Channel is a series of very informative videos that educate and introduce the public to the innovative area of pain management.

Dr. Steven Siwek hosts the Pain Channel. He is Medical Director of The Pain Center of Arizona. In this first video Dr. Siwek introduces the audience to The Pain Center and also chronicles the first real patient. The patient in this video has back pain that goes into the legs and has not responded to traditional treatments. She undergoes a trial spinal cord stimulation in the procedure suite and then we follow her into the recovery. Watch Episode 1 Season 1.

76 million people are affected by chronic pain in the U.S. and many are not aware of the treatments that are available and suffer in silence. These videos open the door for those who suffer.

We thank Dr. Siwek and The Pain Center of Arizona for creating these videos and look forward to posting them each week.

With gratitude,

Lady Sharon
Scribe of Camelot

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