Knights of the Pain Table

A Camelot for Sufferers of Chronic Pain

The Language of Flowers – Part II – Flowers and Their Meanings

| May 16, 2011

Flowers and Their Meanings   "But love is for a sweeter flow’r Amid life’s thorny path o’care. ~Robert Burns   To create a conversation, during the Middle Ages, plants and flowers with special meanings were chosen. Many of the plants that were used in a mixed posy were wild and were found in hedgerows or […]

Ell/Nikki of Azerbaijan Wins Eurovision And Jedward’s Lipstick Charms

| May 16, 2011

Running Scared and Lipstick   With a global audience of more than 125 million, the finals of the 56th Eurovision Song Contest 2011, was broadcast from a fully packed Fortuna Düsseldorf Arena in Germany. The Eurovision Song Contest is an annual competition among active member countries of the European Broadcasting Union, where each member country […]