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The Language of Flowers – Part II – Flowers and Their Meanings

Flowers and Their Meanings


"But love is for a sweeter flow’r
Amid life’s thorny path o’care.
~Robert Burns


To create a conversation, during the Middle Ages, plants and flowers with special meanings were chosen. Many of the plants that were used in a mixed posy were wild and were found in hedgerows or cottage gardens.

Herbs were also used to signify certain meanings. If a man included a sprig of thyme in his bouquets, it showed his requirement for a woman able to cook and keep a comfortable home.
If you were composing a posy these are some of the flowers and their meanings that you could include.

Flower                          Meaning

Apple Blossom             a true heart
Anemone                      rejection
Bluebell                        loyalty
Camelia                        radiant beauty
(pink)                           encouragement
(red)                             love
(bronze)                       friendship
(red)                             love
(white)                         trust
(yellow)                        rejection
Dahlia                          dislike
Gladioli                        hurt feelings
Hyacinth                      devotion
(purple)                        ardent love
(yellow)                        shared sorrow
Lilac                             innocence
(white)                         purity
(tiger)                          passion
Pansy                          treasured memories
Primrose                      love awakening
Snowdrop                    a bid for attention
Tulip                            confession for love
Violet                           sweetness

Several flowers have similar meanings to allow for seasonal variations. What a beautiful idea to communicate with the language of flowers. Sometimes words may not capture the feeling but a single red rose may touch directly the recipient’s heart.

With a posy of Apple Blossoms, Bronze Chrysanthemums and Hyacinth,

Lady Sharon
Scribe of Camelot

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