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The Pain Channel -Radio Frequency Therapy -Season 1 Episode 2

Radio Frequency Therapy


"Again I feel
again I burn!
~The Lament, Robert Burns


This week we continue to follow Dr. Steven Siwek on the Pain Channel. He is Medical Director of The Pain Center of Arizona.

In Episode 2, "Radio Frequency Therapy", Rosalie Michaels introduces us to the topic of Radio Frequency Ablation. Dr. Siwek explains that this therapy can be used for any age group but is often used for the senior population which often experiences facet joint pain. Patients will usually try medications, physical therapy, massage and other treatments first but if these fail, then Radial Frequency Ablation is an option for the spine.

Radial Frequency Ablation involves burning small nerves which causes the nerves to stop transmitting the pain signals. The effect can last for nine to eighteen months.

In the video Dr. Doust performs a Radial Frequency Ablation procedure on a patient. Usually the patient receives a light sedation.
Watch Season 1 Episode 2.

We thank Dr. Siwek and The Pain Center of Arizona for creating these videos and look forward to posting them each week.

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