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Kissing Couple -Chivalry Amidst Chaos -During Vancouver Riot

A Tale of Chivalry

"Thou , the protector of the helpless!"
~S.T. Coleridge

The riots that took place in Vancouver, my city, still sicken our hearts. To witness the mob of mindless beings destroy the joy of the people and the beauty of the city was beyond painful.

Today the Hudson’s Bay store held a free pancake breakfast to thank the volunteers who have been coming downtown to help clean up the destruction. Talk radio has been constantly trying to understand how this horrific act of violence could happen in this city that just held the most beautiful safe and joyous Winter Olympics.

I was downtown at the epicenter of the violence about 3/4 of an hour before it started. The crowd was not like all the other nights of hockey games or Olympic games. The mood was different and the crowd was mostly young males. I left because I could feel something was going to happen. And it did.

As we hear about the destruction of vehicles and the looting we feel overwhelmed by the cruel intentions. But we are also now hearing about some amazing stories of people who defended the stores, cars or each other.

The one photograph that has become famous since the Vancouver Riots is the one with a couple embracing on the ground amidst the police dressed in riot gear. It has captured the imagination of so many and now the subjects have been tracked down and the real story has emerged.

The couple has been identified as Australian comedian/bartender Scott Jones and his Canadian student girlfriend Alex Thomas. Apparently they both became caught up as riot police were moving with their shields. Alex fell down and was hurt. Scott lay down beside her to comfort her. That was how the infamous kiss came to be. Watch the report on

On CBC news, an eyewitness captures the event. This photo perhaps captures more than just a couple kissing. It shows an act of love and chivalry amidst the mob violence and mayhem. Perhaps it shows the heart of Vancouver that seemed lost that night in the darkness.
This couple held onto their humanity that night and we honor them and all those heroes who did not become part of the mob.

We thanketh all those who have volunteered to help this city heal after this horrendous attack. All of us have been deeply hurt.

With great gratitude,

Lady Sharon
Scribe of Camelot

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