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Naki’o First Dog with With Four Prosthetic Paws- Orthopets


"By the treausures of my soul,
That’s the love I bear thee!"
~ Robert Burns

The life of Naki’o began in tragedy. As a young puppy he was abandoned by his owners when their home was foreclosed in Nebraska. His little paws got stuck in an icy puddle which led to the dire diagonsis of frostbite. After having all four of his paws amputated, his heart felt a little light when Christie Tomlinson, a veterinary technician, adopted him.

Christie raised the funds necessary to purchase prosthetics for Naki’o’s hind legs. Orthopets was the company that designed and fitted the new limbs. Once Orthopets saw how wonderfully Naki’o responded to his two new legs, the company decided to donate the two front paws free of charge to Naki’o. 
Watch Naki’o.

Naki’o may have seen the worse in human nature and in suffering in the beginning his life, but his courageous heart has carried him so far that he was able to see the great depth of compassion that exists in the hearts of people on this earth.

To see Naki’o chase a ball with pure joy is a great lesson to all of us who suffer each day. Tragedy can be carried with grace in the soul and with love in the heart. We loveth thee Naki’o.

We thanketh Christie Tomlinson for her great gift of compassion and for Orthopets for truly caring for the creatures and their suffering. Blessings of light to thee.

With hope that Naki’o lives a great life,

Lady Sharon
Scribe of Camelot

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