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The Pain Channel – Spinal Cord Stimulation – Season 1 Episode 3

Spinal Cord Stimulation


In Episode 3 on the Pain Channel, we learn about "Spinal Cord Stimulation". Dr. Jacob Amrani, of Deer Valley Spine Center in Phoenix, Arizona, describes the ideal candidates for this surgery and then performs an insertion of a spinal cord stimulator in a patient.

Dr. Jacob Amrani has been practicing spine surgery since 1990 and has extensive experience treating scoliosis, tumors, infections and traumatic and degenerative conditions affecting the spine. He has found that the patients that have the best outcome for this procedure include:

  • patients with pain lasting longer than 6 months
  • patients that have failed with non-surgical treatments
  • patients with nerve damage or nerve pain
  • diabetics with pain and burning in their feet
  •  amputees with phantom limb pain

Instead of spinal fusions, patients now have the option of having a spinal cord stimulator inserted in their spine and a pulse generator in their hip. The inserted stimulator uses electrical impulses to prevent pain signals from being received from the brain.  Watch Dr. Amrani discuss spinal cord stimulation and then perform the procedure. ( Season 1 Episode 3 )

80% of people in the US will experience lower back pain once in their lifetime, so for those who go on to suffer with chronic pain, it is a blessing to know some options that exist to ease the constant pain.

We thank Dr. Siwek and The Pain Center of Arizona for creating these videos and look forward to posting them each week.

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    Spinal cord stimulation is used for the management of chronic pain of the trunk and limbs. The Spinal Cord Stimulation media kit includes news releases, backgrounders, illustrations, photographs and animations.

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