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Bella Beloved Dog Dies and Leaves Friend Tarra the Elephant

Bella We Shall Remember Thee

“What is a friend? A single soul dwelling in
two bodies.”

It is with deep sadness we have learned that Bella, a white dog,
the best friend of Tarra, an Asian elephant, has passed away. Their
friendship had become famous due to its uniqueness and great
sincerity. The two met at the Elephant Sanctuary located in
Hohenwald, Tennesse, USA. Tarra had been born in Burma and worked
throughout her life traveling the world "entertaining"
audiences in circuses, amusement parks, zoos, on television, and in
motion pictures. In 1995, after 21 years of entertaining, Tarra was
the first elephant to retire to the Elephant Sanctuary.

Eight years ago, a white stray canine wandered onto the Elephant
Sanctuary and befriended Tarra. These two loyal comrades would take
walks with one another, cuddle up to each other and look out for one
another. Bella even trusted Tarra to rub her stomach with her foot.
They became inseparable friends.

When Bella hurt her spine and could not walk for many weeks, Tarra
held vigil for her friend till Bella could walk again. There was no
doubt that their love knew no boundaries. Watch these inspiring

This past Wednesday, it is believed that Bella was attacked
tragically, by a coyote and killed. It then appears that her dear
friend picked her up in her trunk and carried her back to the barn,
so that her friend would not be left alone. Tarra is now mourning
her best friend who stood by her day and night. She is turning to
her sisters for comfort, as elephants are there for one another in a

Many tears are falling in Camelot this night for a little dog
named Bella and the unconditional love between a dog and an elephant.
They humble us all by their example.

May Bella play ball upon the meadows of heaven till she meets her
friend once again in the greatest Sanctuary of all.

Sweet Blessings to Bella and Tarra from Camelot,

Lady Sharon
Scribe of Camelot

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One Response to “Bella Beloved Dog Dies and Leaves Friend Tarra the Elephant”

  1. Tomas says:

    Dina – Hi Bassem and Family,Could I just say awwwwww, she is soooo cute. It is so exciitng when you get a pet. The kids are going to have so much fun with her. Its so funny, I came on here to your blog as I was talking to our cat, and guess what her name is. Yes, her name is Bella too. Congratulations to your new addition.From Dina, Dana and Bella