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A Camelot for Sufferers of Chronic Pain

The Language of Flowers – Part II – Flowers and Their Meanings

| May 16, 2011

Flowers and Their Meanings   "But love is for a sweeter flow’r Amid life’s thorny path o’care. ~Robert Burns   To create a conversation, during the Middle Ages, plants and flowers with special meanings were chosen. Many of the plants that were used in a mixed posy were wild and were found in hedgerows or […]

The Language of Flowers -Part I – Flower Symbolism

| May 15, 2011

Flower Symbolism   "O gods and goddesses! These flowers are like the pleasures of the world." ~ William Shakespeare   Every flower has its own beauty, but many may not know that according to the history of the language of flowers, they also each have a definite meaning. Specifically chosen flowers can convey a message […]

Halloween a History Doth Commence Long Long Ago Part II

| November 1, 2009

History of Halloween Part II The Samhain was a time to prepare stores of meat and grains to last through the winter. Some animals were slaughtered.   The bones of the cattle were tossed upon the flames of the Bonfire.   The  “bonefire”  (from the ‘Gaeli tine cnamh’) was the sole fire.   Then each family lit its […]

Halloween a History Doth Commence Long Long Ago Part I

| October 30, 2009

  History of Halloween Part I The Ancient Celts were the tribal people who inhabited most of western and central Europe,   3000 years ago.   The Celts migrated west,   eventually arriving in Ireland. This is where many of our Halloween traditions originate. At the end of summer,   after the harvest had been gathered and winter approached, […]

Staffordshire Hoard of Gold Hath Been Found from the Dark Ages

| September 29, 2009

One day in July, Terry Herbert, a metal-detecting enthusiast,  was searching in the fields of Staffordshire, England,  with his metal detector.   He came upon some gold and silver pieces buried in the ground.   Thus began the saga of the UK’s largest haul of Anglo-Saxon treasure,  consisting of 1,500 objects almost entirely of precious metal. Kevin […]

Medieval Life 103 – History of Hanukkah – Part I of Jewish Festivals

| December 10, 2007

History of Chanukkah Judaism originated in the land of Israel (also known as Palestine) in the Middle East.    The Jewish people lived about 200 years (539 to 333 B.C.E.)  under Persian Rule.     At this time they had full religious autonomy.     At the end of the 4th century B.C.E. Alexander of Macedonia conquered the Persians.    The […]

Medieval Life 102 – Judaism and Jewish Life in the Middle Ages – Part I

| December 5, 2007

Judaism Judaism, Christianity, and Islam are all Abrahamic faiths,   as they all trace their tradition back to Abraham.    Abraham’s life is described in the Hebrew Bible.  Abraham lived around 1900 B.C.E.   ( Before Christian Era  – this term is used instead of the traditional B.C. to avoid centering around a Christian historical reference)   and is […]