Knights of the Pain Table

A Camelot for Sufferers of Chronic Pain

Medieval Life 106 – Spinsters and Spinners

| May 30, 2011

Spinsters and Spinners   Wilcume dear Knights and all ye visitors to Camelot. On this day we shall learn about the great spinners and spinsters of Camelot. In Medieval times the people mostly wore simple clothes made of wool. The peasants would often shear their own sheep and then wash the fleece. They then would […]

Medieval Life 105 – Great Fairs

| March 30, 2011

Medieval Life 105 – Great Fairs Great Fairs in the Middle Ages Seasonal fairs, markets and festivals offered a much needed respite from the daily workload of the peasants and town dwellers. Fairs grew out of religious festivals which came from "holy days". Merchants would come from all over Europe to buy and sell during […]

Medieval Life 104 – Part 6 – History of Christmas Through the Ages

| January 7, 2008

Industrial Revolution Part 6 The Industrial Revolution was a period in the late 18th and early 19th centuries when major changes in agriculture, manufacturing, and transportation had a profound effect on socioeconomic and cultural conditions in Britain and subsequently spread throughout Europe and North America and eventually the world.     All thoughts in Britain during this […]

Medieval Life 104 – Part 5 – History of Christmas Through the Ages

| January 6, 2008

 Medieval   England Part 5 Christmas celebrations became very festive after 1066 in Medieval England.    A touch of comedy was even added to the sermons and parishioners could don masks and costumes.  They still remained devout in many ways but added much mirth to the tradition.  Gambling was a big part of the festivities.    Carols […]

Medieval Life 104 – Part 4 – History of Christmas Through the Ages

| January 6, 2008

Winter   Solstice   Festivals   and  Christmas Part 4  As the Romans invaded other parts of the world,   they also brought Christianity.    In northern western Europe,   the Germanic and Celtic people incorporated their own solstice rituals into the celebration of Christmas.   In December,   they celebrated the Julmond festival with wheat representing life triumphing over death.   Invocation […]

Medieval Life 104 – Part 3 – History of Christmas Through the Ages

| January 5, 2008

 Saturnalia   and  Winter   Solstice   Festivals Part 3 The Roman celebration Saturnalia was observed from Dec 17-24.    This celebrated Saturn’s triumph over Jupiter.     Apparently Saturn’s reign had heralded the Golden Age in Rome.     Saturn later lost out to Jupiter.      It was believed that during Saturnalia,  Saturn,  the god of agriculture,   would return to relive the Golden […]

Medieval Life 104 – Part 2 – History of Christmas Through the Ages

| January 5, 2008

Early Days of Christianity Part 2 In 350,   Pope Julius I declared December 25th the official date of Christ’s birthday.     In 529, Emperor Justinian declared Christmas a civic holiday.    In 542, Justinian also established throughout the Eastern Empire the feast of the Purification of the Blessed Virgin Mary.     According to Jewish law, a mother […]