Knights of the Pain Table

A Camelot for Sufferers of Chronic Pain

The Wolves Within – A Fable that holds Deep Wisdom

| December 29, 2009

The Wolves Within The study of mythology involves studying myths, which are sacred narratives. In reading these myths we learn lessons such as how to become a hero,  or how to deal with our internal struggles as human beings on this earth. This fable “The Wolves Within”,  contains wisdom so deep that it transcends cultures […]

Amazing Grace on The Trail of Tears (Cherokee)

| September 9, 2007

Night was falling.  Weary from a day of battling the Dark Knight, the Knights of the Pain Table rested by the edge of the forest beneath the moon.  The eternal onslaught bled their strength.   Ere midnights shadow, the eagle soared alone.  A low mist of melancholy, fear and grief settled on their hearts and they […]