Knights of the Pain Table

A Camelot for Sufferers of Chronic Pain

A “Songbird” Eva Cassidy doth Sing from “Fields of Gold” in thy Kingdom

| December 27, 2007

Eva Cassidy As the sun did set,   a cloud of languor lay over the Kingdom of Camelot.     In fere, they had celebrated, but they were now weak in body from wearing the heavy armour that was their fate. Far in the distance the Knights and the Familia Regis  heard a voice that seemed to float on […]

Nocturnal Reverie Sing-Along with Monty Python and The Knights of the Pain Table

| September 24, 2007

Nocturnal Reverie The Knights of the Pain Table slept well back in their home of Camelot. King Arthur proclaimed a night of merriment for his Knights of Honour.  A feast made of laughter was brought forth before thy Knights. Wine and mead maketh them merry, as bejewelled court jesters danced amid raucous cheers.     Minstrels played […]

Paul Potts, Our Welsh Tenor Sings “Nella Fantasia” in Camelot

| September 22, 2007

 Paul Potts King Arthur and Queen Guinevere, stood before the assembled Knights of the Pain Table, in the Great Hall of Camelot.     The Knights paused in a deep silence.     King Arthur did spake, “ O Great Knights.     The fields of Glastonbury were honoured to have walk upon them, as you pursued your Divine quest to […]

King Arthur (Richard Harris) Sings of the Mystical “Camelot” as the Knights Return

| September 21, 2007

 Camelot All eyes looked upon their heaven through the weeping clouds.    Parting through the mist they saw something of material sublime.     How long was it since they held the sight of their home, the Castle of Camelot?    By order in Camelot, the summer still lingered through September.    The buttress’d walls stood on the Northern hill […]

Kanye West Maketh the Knights “Better, Stronger”

| September 16, 2007

As the Knights of the Pain Table were wrapped up in sleep, in the darkness of their dreams, a ship landed melting the earth beneath.     Then silence, as the Captain of the ship disembarked and looked at the fabled Knights.      The Armour for his eyes entranced them to follow him onto the ship.      As the […]

"If you look for truth outside yourself" – Zen Master Tung-Shan’s Words

| September 15, 2007

Half dim from the silver twilight,  Merlin’s sapphire eyes and parted lips, looked upon the array of Knights before him.     A messenger of comfort to the silent Knights of the Pain Table, he gently tread over endless space to find the words of truth from Tung-Shan. “If you look for the truth outside yourself, It […]

Our Prince of Voices, Terry Fator is in Hospital – Louis Armstrong's Get Well Wish

| September 1, 2007

We came upon the little turtle, Winston, who was looking for the Knights of the Pain Table.    His sweet voice told of how he started walking two days ago to find us but he got lost.    Wearied and seeking food, he glided along, till he heard a trumpet shivering to the tingling stars.    He heard […]