Knights of the Pain Table

A Camelot for Sufferers of Chronic Pain

Revolutionary Treatment for High Blood Pressure – Renal Sympathetic Nerve Ablation

| December 28, 2009

Renal Sympathetic Nerve Ablation A new exciting development has happened in Britain concerning a procedure that appears to reduce blood pressure. A team at the London Chest Hospital carried our the procedure, called “Renal Sympathetic-Nerve Ablation, in one hour.   The Daily Telegraph observed the procedure and is now making the results public. Dr Mel Lobo, […]

Steph Jones – I am the Little Drummer Boy – New Music Ft Jordin Sparks.

| December 27, 2009

Little Drummer Boy It is exciting when an artist fuses music from different genres or times.    It takes talent to take an original song with so much meaning, to so many, and extend its reach.   American singer/songwriter, Steph Jones, was confident enough to bring us his version of the classic Christmas song, the […]

Princess Alyssa Giveth a Gift of Light – Pantene Thai Commercial

| December 16, 2009

“Why am I different from others?” “Why do you have to be like others?” ~from the Pantene Thai Commercial Princess Alyssa Once upon a time a beautiful Princess with raven locks, rode through the gates of Camelot. The golden cadence of her powerful horse didst light the shadows of the night. Sweet musik, didst she […]

Muppets Gone Wild Cover Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen Brilliantly

| November 26, 2009

Muppets Bohemian Rhapsody Upon this day of thankfulness and feasting, let us serve up a rhapsody of bohemians for thee as you sippeth your mead. Recipe for Thy Menagerie of Merriment A cup of Freddie Mercury’s Wicked Talent 79 Furry Minstrels A Choir of Chickens a Capella Some “March of the Penguins”extras A pinch of […]

Lady Debra, a Messenger of Grace, from the Kingdom of

| November 15, 2009

Lady Debra “Blessed are those who plant peace each season; they shall be named the children of God.” ~The Seventh Beatitude, translated from Aramaic Neil Douglas-Klotz On the wings of grace,   these wordes were sent to me from the infinite meadow of kindness where Lady Debra dwells in her Kingdom named   “”.      […]

Merlin Doth Beckon Chocolate of Purdy’s

| October 14, 2009

Medicine for Thy Spirit In the still of the evening, Queen Guinevere didst sit in the marble hall upon her velvet chair.  After riding o’er many leagues this day, she held her weary spirit in her hands.   Pain wandered through her bones. King Arthur with love for his Queen,  summoned Merlin, his trusted friend, to […]

Dalai Lama Speaketh of Compassion at the Vancouver Peace Summit

| September 28, 2009

Compassion The Dalai Lama, the Buddist monk and exiled Tibetan spiritual leader,  spoke yesterday at the 2009 Vancouver Peace Summit (Vancouver, BC, Canada).   The three-day conference consists of bringing together, Nobel Peace Prize winners and spiritual, corporate and social peace activists together for discussions about peace. Yesterday the Dalai Lama spoke to thousands at the […]