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    “A great battle is a terrible thing,” the old knight said, “but in the midst of blood and carnage, there is sometimes also beauty, beauty that could break your heart.”
    ― George R.R. Martin, A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms

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  • Canada to Fund Clinical Trials for MS Liberation Therapy CCSVI

    Posted By on June 30, 2011

    Liberation Treatment Clinical
    Trials in Canada


    The Canadian government has announced that is will fund clinical trials into the multiple sclerosis treatment, known as the "liberation therapy".

    Developed by Dr. Paolo Zamboni, the liberation treatment is based on the theory that chronic cerebrospinal venous insufficiency (CCSVI) reduces blood flow and allows iron deposits to build up in the brain. The treatment uses balloon angioplasty to unblock the narrowed neck veins in the hope of alleviating MS symptoms.

    Due to the controversy surrounding both the condition and the treatment, the liberation therapy has not been funded by different levels of the Canadian government. Many Canadians have traveled to medical clinics overseas to have the procedure. However, patients have called upon the government for many months to fund this treatment.

    In Canada, Phase 1 and Phase 2 clinical trials now will proceed. Phase 1 will test the safety of the procedure. Phase 2 will be a randomized, controlled, double-armed trial during which doctors follow a group receiving the treatment and a group that does not. This will conclusively determine the treatment’s effectiveness, as well as its risks.

    Recent clinical trials in other countries have concluded that CCSVI is not a primary cause of MS. Dr. Zamboni’s theory does offer, though, a new approach to MS. Always thought of as an autoimmune disorder, MS now is being treated as a vascular disease.

    When interviewed by CTV News, Dr. Zamboni was very encouraged by the announcement of the Canadian clinical trials.

    For those who suffer with this unforgiving disease, perhaps there is new hope that this procedure will become more available to those who wish to alleviate their symptoms.

    Lady Sharon
    Scribe of Camelot

    For Up to Date News: Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canada
    For Info on  Canadian MS Research:  Canadian Institutes of Health Research CIHR

    Source: CTV News

    The Pain Channel – Spinal Cord Stimulation – Season 1 Episode 3

    Posted By on June 28, 2011

    Spinal Cord Stimulation


    In Episode 3 on the Pain Channel, we learn about "Spinal Cord Stimulation". Dr. Jacob Amrani, of Deer Valley Spine Center in Phoenix, Arizona, describes the ideal candidates for this surgery and then performs an insertion of a spinal cord stimulator in a patient.

    Dr. Jacob Amrani has been practicing spine surgery since 1990 and has extensive experience treating scoliosis, tumors, infections and traumatic and degenerative conditions affecting the spine. He has found that the patients that have the best outcome for this procedure include:

    • patients with pain lasting longer than 6 months
    • patients that have failed with non-surgical treatments
    • patients with nerve damage or nerve pain
    • diabetics with pain and burning in their feet
    •  amputees with phantom limb pain

    Instead of spinal fusions, patients now have the option of having a spinal cord stimulator inserted in their spine and a pulse generator in their hip. The inserted stimulator uses electrical impulses to prevent pain signals from being received from the brain.  Watch Dr. Amrani discuss spinal cord stimulation and then perform the procedure. ( Season 1 Episode 3 )

    80% of people in the US will experience lower back pain once in their lifetime, so for those who go on to suffer with chronic pain, it is a blessing to know some options that exist to ease the constant pain.

    We thank Dr. Siwek and The Pain Center of Arizona for creating these videos and look forward to posting them each week.

    With gratitude,

    Lady Sharon
    Scribe of Camelot

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    Visit The Pain Center of Arizona

    Naki’o First Dog with With Four Prosthetic Paws- Orthopets

    Posted By on June 27, 2011


    "By the treausures of my soul,
    That’s the love I bear thee!"
    ~ Robert Burns

    The life of Naki’o began in tragedy. As a young puppy he was abandoned by his owners when their home was foreclosed in Nebraska. His little paws got stuck in an icy puddle which led to the dire diagonsis of frostbite. After having all four of his paws amputated, his heart felt a little light when Christie Tomlinson, a veterinary technician, adopted him.

    Christie raised the funds necessary to purchase prosthetics for Naki’o’s hind legs. Orthopets was the company that designed and fitted the new limbs. Once Orthopets saw how wonderfully Naki’o responded to his two new legs, the company decided to donate the two front paws free of charge to Naki’o. 
    Watch Naki’o.

    Naki’o may have seen the worse in human nature and in suffering in the beginning his life, but his courageous heart has carried him so far that he was able to see the great depth of compassion that exists in the hearts of people on this earth.

    To see Naki’o chase a ball with pure joy is a great lesson to all of us who suffer each day. Tragedy can be carried with grace in the soul and with love in the heart. We loveth thee Naki’o.

    We thanketh Christie Tomlinson for her great gift of compassion and for Orthopets for truly caring for the creatures and their suffering. Blessings of light to thee.

    With hope that Naki’o lives a great life,

    Lady Sharon
    Scribe of Camelot

    Visit Orthopets

    Warrior Vocalist Vicci Martinez Conquers with The Dogs Days are Over

    Posted By on June 22, 2011

    Vicci Martinez

    The dog days are over
    The dog days are done
    The horses are coming
    So you better run

    Our Warrior Vocalist Vicci Martinez from Tacoma, Washington hath conquered the next round of the NBC show "The Voice". The viewing audience chose her to move forward on Cee Lo Green’s team.

    As the last performer of the night Vicci Martinez raised her eyes and her arms in victory leaving the dog days behind. With pulsating beats and rhythmic moves, Vicci didst run on another plane where her spirit lives. Amidst the drums she almost prayed with a release and celebration in her heart. She said she was singing for her Father. Her vocals captured this intense energy and emotion.

    Watch Vicci Martinez singeth "Dog Days are Over" originally done by Florence and the Machine.

    We saw a spirit of fire in Vicci since the first audition. Her fighting talent shall take her to the finals.

    Vicci, we shall walk with thee and beat thy drum.

    Lady Sharon
    Scribe of Camelot

    Visit the Official Website for The Voice

    Listen to Vicci’s First Audition

    Providence by Ernest R. Heale, Nosmo King & Ernest Longstaffe (1938)

    Posted By on June 20, 2011


    Have you ever been broke, just to the wide
    With just what you stand up in, and nothing beside?
    Living on scraps for best part of a week,
    When you can't get 'em and know where to seek.
    I've been like that on a cold winter's night
    When the streets were deserted with nothing in sight
    But a slow moving Bobby, whose job is to see
    That the public's protected from fellows like me.
    Who get put inside to answer the Court
    Why they're wandering round with no means of support.
    It always strikes me as a queer sort of joke,
    To pick on a man just because he is broke.
    Do they think he enjoys wand'ring round in the rain,
    Soaked thro' to the skin with a dull aching pain,
    Thro' his stomach forgetting its last decent meal,
    Just praying for the time when it's too numb to feel.
    Life isn't worth much when you get to that state
    Or just waiting to die with nowhere to wait -
    I remember the time, it's a long while ago,
    When I stood on a bridge, with the river below.
    The last food I'd had was two days before
    And I never expected I'd need any more -
    That night was the worst that ever I've known,
    With a dirty wet fog that chilled to the bone.
    I set my teeth hard, and I set down my heel,
    On the rail that my hands were too perish'd to feel,
    When a sniveling pup came out of the fog
    And whimpered at me - just a scrap of a dog.
    Bedraggled and dirty like me, just a wreck,
    With a sad little face on his poor scraggy neck.
    A few seconds more and I would have died
    But he just licked my hand and I sat down and cried.
    And I covered the poor little chap with my coat
    And I carried him off with a lump in my throat.
    I took him along to the one place I knew
    Where they'd give him a bed and a biscuit or two.
    They didn't feel keen on taking him in
    But the sergeant in charge gave a bit of a grin
    When I told him the dog could do with a meal
    `I'll fix him up, but how do you feel?'
    It may be, perhaps, that the Sergeant had seen
    The state I was in, I wasn't too clean,
    The hunger and cold that I'd suffered all day
    Exhausted my limits - I fainted away.
    Well, they fed me and slept me, and gave me two bob,
    And the following day they found me a job.
    I've worked ever since and put a bit by,
    I'm comfortable now and I don't want to die.
    I've a nice little house in a quiet little street,
    With a decent sized garden that's always kept neat,
    I've worked there a lot when I've had time to spare,
    And I'm so proud of one little corner that's there.
    With the pick of the flowers round a little old stone
    That stands in a corner, all on its own.
    It bears an inscription - not very grand -
    The letters are crooked, but you'll understand -
    That I wasn't too steady, I couldn't quite see
    At the time that I carved it - quite recently.
    Here are the words that I carved on the stone:
    `Here lies my friend - when I was alone,
    Hopeless and friendless, just lost in a fog,
    God saved my life... with the help of a dog. 

    Ernest R. Heale, Nosmo King & Ernest Longstaffe (1938)

    In Christian theology, divine providence, or simply providence, 
    is God's activity in the world. 
    "The foreseeing and guardianship of God over His creatures...
    a manifestation of His divine care or direction"
    May thou feel cared for tonight under God's care.  
    Lady Sharon
    Scribe of Camelot
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    Kissing Couple -Chivalry Amidst Chaos -During Vancouver Riot

    Posted By on June 19, 2011

    A Tale of Chivalry

    "Thou , the protector of the helpless!"
    ~S.T. Coleridge

    The riots that took place in Vancouver, my city, still sicken our hearts. To witness the mob of mindless beings destroy the joy of the people and the beauty of the city was beyond painful.

    Today the Hudson’s Bay store held a free pancake breakfast to thank the volunteers who have been coming downtown to help clean up the destruction. Talk radio has been constantly trying to understand how this horrific act of violence could happen in this city that just held the most beautiful safe and joyous Winter Olympics.

    I was downtown at the epicenter of the violence about 3/4 of an hour before it started. The crowd was not like all the other nights of hockey games or Olympic games. The mood was different and the crowd was mostly young males. I left because I could feel something was going to happen. And it did.

    As we hear about the destruction of vehicles and the looting we feel overwhelmed by the cruel intentions. But we are also now hearing about some amazing stories of people who defended the stores, cars or each other.

    The one photograph that has become famous since the Vancouver Riots is the one with a couple embracing on the ground amidst the police dressed in riot gear. It has captured the imagination of so many and now the subjects have been tracked down and the real story has emerged.

    The couple has been identified as Australian comedian/bartender Scott Jones and his Canadian student girlfriend Alex Thomas. Apparently they both became caught up as riot police were moving with their shields. Alex fell down and was hurt. Scott lay down beside her to comfort her. That was how the infamous kiss came to be. Watch the report on

    On CBC news, an eyewitness captures the event. This photo perhaps captures more than just a couple kissing. It shows an act of love and chivalry amidst the mob violence and mayhem. Perhaps it shows the heart of Vancouver that seemed lost that night in the darkness.
    This couple held onto their humanity that night and we honor them and all those heroes who did not become part of the mob.

    We thanketh all those who have volunteered to help this city heal after this horrendous attack. All of us have been deeply hurt.

    With great gratitude,

    Lady Sharon
    Scribe of Camelot

    Elizabeth Oliver of ARK Saves Pets in Fukushima Radiation Zone

    Posted By on June 13, 2011

    A Tale of Chivalry

    "Melting with tenderness and kind compassion"
    ~ William Shakespeare

    Amidst the devastation of the Japanese tsunami, pets were lost or abandoned, and animals were left without care due to the fallout from the Fukushima nuclear plant.

    The suffering of these lost animals has been tragic. Like a true Knight, a British woman, Elizabeth Oliver, founder of ARK, "Animal Rescue Kansai", has risked the lethal radiation levels to rescue animals in the 12 mile evacuation zone. The 70 year old Elizabeth Oliver wears a protective suit and carries a Geiger counter when she enters the area with the awaiting animals.

    The pets are brought back to the charity offices in the cities of Osaka and Tokyo where they are treated and offered either permanent or temporary homes. After animals arrive there, she advertises them for three months in an attempt to reunite them with their owners before putting them up for rehoming. They are also de-wormed, neutered, vaccinated and micro chipped.

    Many animals were originally tethered in front of houses, for authorities to collect. Some then managed to break free. According to Elizabeth Oliver when animals are free to leave their homes, many refuse to leave believing their owners will return.

    During one of her trips she came across a farm with dying horses. Since ARK did not have the facilities to care for horses, Elizabeth contacted Hisaiba, a horse rescue group and they were able to take in all the savable horses.

    ARK is also working to gather support for a petition to the Japanese government to pressure them into keeping their word that they would allow pets to stay with their owners in evacuation facilities.

    The work of Elizabeth Oliver and ARK is indeed a tale of true chivalry. One can visit the ARK website to keep up to date on her rescue efforts or to donate to this most worthy cause.

    We thanketh Elizabeth Oliver and all who help her in Japan for her true courage in rescuing all these animals and her compassion for loving them.

    With deepest gratitude,

    Lady Sharon
    Scribe of Camelot

    Visit ARK – Animal Refuge Kansai

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