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Terry Fator Welcomes New Friend Berry Fabulous to the Mirage

| March 16, 2011

Untitled Document Terry Fator & Berry Fabulous All in Camelot loveth Terry Fator since we first saw him audition on "America’s Got Talent". It was during his performance when Winston the Turtle sang "It’s a Wonderful World" that we fell in love with his great talent along with the rest of the world. In 2007 […]

Terry Fator Will Host “Voices for a Cure” Benefits to the Arthritis Foundation

| November 13, 2009

Terry Fator Arthritis Benefit We shall never forget our Prince of Voices,    Terry Fato r,   who won “America’s Got Talent”, in 2007. He stole our hearts in Camelot since the first day we saw him perform on “America’s Got Talent”. We are so proud of him. He deserves it all. There are no words to […]

Susan Boyle’s First Single “Wild Horses” Cannot Drag Us Away

| September 28, 2009

“My heart is like a singing bird.” ~Christina Georgina Rossetti Susan Boyle’s heart is like a singing bird that sings in a key our hearts only hear.  People all over the whole world were moved by her first audition on the talent show “Britian’s Got Talent”.   She sang  “I Dreamed a Dream”, and suddenly her […]

Kevin Skinner Conquers “America’s Got Talent”

| September 22, 2009

America’s Got Talent With many talented singers in the finals of the TV Show  “America’s Got Talent”,  it was Kevin Skinner who won the hearts of the people.   Kevin’s first audition was one of the most emotional heartfelt auditions that we have ever seen.   I think the viewers and judges did not forget that first […]

Lawrence Beamen Sings in the “America’s Got Talent” Finals Tonight

| September 14, 2009

Lawrence Beamen Tonight Lawrence Beamen will compete to win the talent show, “America’s Got Talent”.    It will be difficult as there are a few very talented singers in the finals.    Barbara Padilla sang a beautiful rendition of “Ave Maria” in the Semi Finals,  so she now is a favorite. If Lawrence can find the same […]

Lawrence Beamen of America’s Got Talent Singeth Ol’Man River

| August 4, 2009

Lawrence Beamen I gets weary, and sick of trying Im tired of livin, but Im scared of dyin But ol man river, he just keeps rolin along There are moments when a song finds a singer that was meant to take the words and music and reach into his soul to live the song.   Recently […]

Terry Fator Doth Sign Contract with the Las Vegas Mirage

| July 1, 2008

Terry   Fator Our Prince of Voices, Terry Fator hath conquered Las Vegas.  All in Camelot drinketh to celebrate this wondrous achievement.    Bravo Terry!  It seems it was just yesterday when this amazing performer appeared in  “America’s Got Talent”  and dazzled everyone with his unique and rich talent.    This humble and compassionate ventriloquist won our hertes […]