Knights of the Pain Table

A Camelot for Sufferers of Chronic Pain

Horses in Heaven – An Original Song by Terry Fator of America’s Got Talent

| September 19, 2007

Terry Fator, our Prince of Voices wrote this song and we thinketh he is a poet of tender heart.  This is Terry singing this touching song at the Utah State Fair in Salt Lake City, Utah.  To read the story how he was inspired to write this song click here. To purchase this beautiful song […]

Sir Terry Fator, Prince of Voices, Speaketh to the Knights of the Pain Table

| August 27, 2007

A missive by Terry Fator, the Prince of Voices, was sent to our humble Kingdom of Camelot.  King Arthur almost fell off his throne when he received this beautiful personal message from the winner of “America’s Got Talent”. Mere days from conquering the world, Sir Terry wrote these words of eloquence to The Knights of […]

Kermit’s “You’ve Got a Friend” with Terry Fator (James Taylor)

| August 24, 2007

Endearing and captivating describe Terry Fator’s  final appearance on “America’s Got Talent”.  Kermit,  our dear little frog, who we missed for a long time, came by to support his friend Terry Fator.  Terry was brilliant as James Taylor singing the classic song “You Got a Friend”.  Near the end the back up singers popped up […]

Prince of Voices, Terry Fator Conquers "America's Got Talent"

| August 22, 2007

Terry Fator and his little friends mesmerized everyone.  After working over 20 years for this dream, Terry is now able to feel the magic himself.  King Arthur and the Kingdom of Camelot are planning a celebration tonight.  The Knights are polishing their armour, and the Minstrels are tuning their lyre.  Queen Guinevere is adorning her […]

Knights of the Pain Table Rideth with Terry Fator Tonight

| August 21, 2007

It is the night where “America’s Got Talent” proclaimeth the winner.  King Arthur and all the Kingdom of Camelot are awaiting the news.  But whatever happens, we thinketh  this Jester/Minstrel is made of special magic .  Terry has worked so hard all of his life to practice a skill that has seemed to have almost […]

Terry Fator is Unforgettable to Us (America's Got Talent)

| August 15, 2007

For 22 years this brilliant ventriloquist/impressionist has been hidden from us all.  From performing Garth Brooks to Nat King Cole to Kermit, he creates a tiny world and invites us all in.  We are so excited that he is a step away from possibly winning the top prize. But in Camelot, Terry is treasured and […]

What a Wonderful World by Terry Fator

| August 1, 2007

 “America’s Got Talent” Terry Fator  a True Artist   We are honoured to witness the magic of this brilliant ventriloquist. Near the Vale of Avalon.  The Knights were mesmerized and amused by this student of Merlin of Olde.  You must sit down and let this act bewilder you and touch your heart.  Satchmo and Kermit […]