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Julie Andrews, John Denver and Placido Domingo in the Sounds of Christmas

| December 8, 2009

Sounds of Christmas “What sweeter music can we bring Than a carol, for to sing The birth of this our heavenly King? Awake the voice! Awake the string: ~Robert Herrick from the “Oxford Book of Carols”. Let us findeth the sweet music of Christmas past that didst make our souls soar.    In the yeere […]

Faryl Smith, the Sweet Swan of Kettering Sings “Ave Maria” on Britain’s Got Talent

| May 19, 2008

Faryl Smith Faryl Smith,   a young lass of 12 years,  descended upon the joust of “Britain’s Got Talent”,  the British television talent show on ITV.  From Kettering, a town in Northamptonshire, England, this enchanting girl didst walk upon the stage of competition.   Perhaps  Polyhymnia,  one of the Muses,  was by her side,  as Faryl […]

Ave Maria with Placido Domingo and Nana Mouskouri

| December 25, 2007

Ave Maria Ave Maria is perhaps one of the most beautiful prayers ever written.  Placido Domingo, Michael Bolton and Nana Mouskouri each bring their own beauty to this song.   Nana Mouskouri is just exquisite. Ave Maria by Schubert. May Peace Follow you Tonight Lady Sharon, Scribe of Camelot Listen to more Christmas Songs

Luciano Pavarotti is Now Singing with the Angels

| September 7, 2007

We bow our heads as one of the world’s greatest earthly singers has sung his last song.     His legacy, which he has bestowed on us, will be his Art.      Art which painted each note as it ascended to the heavens and then again as it soared down into our souls.      He did not just sing.     Pavarotti became a vessel […]