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They Came, They Sang, They Conquered – Jaydee Bixby, Brian Melo and Carly Rae Jepsen

| January 17, 2008

Jaydee Bixby Where art thou Squire Jaydee?     Jaydee Bixby, the 17 year old from Drumheller, Alberta, hath finished the Canadian Idol Top 3 Tour.    Along with faithful fellow troubadours, Brian Melo and Carly Rae Jepsen,   Jaydee toured across Canada to devoted audiences. We hath missed seeing our Squire sing and seeing his gift evolving.   Behold Jaydee […]

Jaydee Bixby B. Goode and Brian Melo is Loving Angels Instead

| September 18, 2007

The Knights of the Pain Table were just reflecting on the beginning our Retro Squire’s  ride on Candian Idol.   Upon the first strum on your guitar, and the first notes of your confident rich voice we wanted to ride with you, Jaydee.   Please  play again the songs that are part of you, as you make us feel […]

Jaydee Bixby and Brian Melo Singeth “Hallelujah” and “It’s Not Unusual”

| September 14, 2007

Our Jaydee Bixby giveth a tribute to one of his Idols, Sir Tom Jones.  Sir Tom Jones began singing at an early age, like Jaydee.    At the age of sixteen he left school and worked at different jobs as he pursued his singing.     It was his second release in 1965, “It’s Not Unusual” that was […]

Jaydee Bixby and Brian Melo both On Fire as Melo Conquers Canadian Idol

| September 12, 2007

What worthy opponents Jaydee Bixby and Brian Melo were in the final joust on Canadian Idol!     Our Golden Squire Jaydee was gracious as Brian Melo was named the next Canadian Idol.     It was an exciting night as Bon Jovi performed.     Bon Jovi were so kind to both Jaydee and Brian.     Bon Jovi sang  “Lost Highway”, […]