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O Fortuna, Spelbound are Victorious on Britain’s Got Talent

| June 6, 2010

Spelbound Spellbound:   Entranced by or as if by a spell; fascinated; enchanted. Last night Britain’s Got Talent was under Merlin’s realm.  As the music entered with drama and light, a midsummer’s dream was cast upon the audience.  With a torrent of motion, the gymnasts in the group “Spelbound” took over the stage. Launching their bodies […]

Tina and her Shadow Chandi Will Dance in Britain’s Got Talent’s Final

| June 4, 2010

Tina and Chandi Me and my shadow We’re closer than pages that stick in a book We’re closer than ripples that play in a brook Strolling down the avenue Tina and Chandi strolled right into the finals of Britain’s Got Talent, with their adorable dancing act.  Choosing a perfect song, “Me and My Shadow”,  Tina […]

Spelbound Rocks to Led Zeppelin on Britain’s Got Talent

| June 3, 2010

Spelbound There is geometry in the humming of the strings… there is music in the spacing of the spheres. ~Pythagoras. Watching the acrobatic athletes of Spelbound combine the music of the spheres with mathematical precision is rather awe-inspiring.  Pythagoras, the Greek philosopher, talked about the music of the spheres.  In effect the acrobat thinks with […]

Spelbound on Britain’s Got Talent – Fearless Gymnasts

| May 29, 2010

Spelbound Britain’s Got Talent is a talent show in Britain that seeks out the hidden gems of talent that have not yet been discovered. It is the show that brought us the treasured Paul Potts and Susan Boyle. During this audition, once you hear the first notes of this act, you will be spellbound. Fusing […]

Britain’s Got Talent – The Dog that Danceth

| April 30, 2010

Tina and Chandi All the dogs in Camelot have waved their tails and yelped in joy after seeing Chandi, a Border Collie, dance on the British talent show, “Britain’s Got Talent” with her choreographer and soulmate, Tina Humprey. Chandi has set the bar for dancing dogs.      After twirling,   doing ballet lifts and curtseys to […]

Britain’s Got Talent – Chloe Hickinbottom Singeth White Cliffs of Dover by Vera Lynn

| April 21, 2010

Chloe Hickinbottom There’ll be bluebirds over The white cliffs of Dover, Tomorrow Just you wait and see. There’ll be joy and laughter And peace ever after, Tomorrow When the world is free, During the first auditions for ‘Britain’s Got Talent’, a young 10 year old girl surprised everyone by singing the inspirational song, “(There’ll be […]

Susan Boyle who Dreamed a Dream has Recorded her First Song

| July 12, 2009

Susan Boyle Susan Boyle hath just recorded her first track for her upcoming album, according to    Simon Cowell has reported that they are going to take their time making this album.     With the quality of her voice, they are wise to walk gently and strive  for a superb piece of work.     We […]