Knights of the Pain Table

A Camelot for Sufferers of Chronic Pain

Helio, Mel B. and Marie Mambo into the Finals of Dancing with the Stars

| November 21, 2007

Spicy Finals   Camelot doth love a Joust of the Dance.  Dancing with the Stars has been a great ride this season and next week we will see the final Joust.  The final three hast shone with laughter which makes us love them more.  Behold some of the most enchanting dances of these great performers. […]

Paul Potts doth Bestow his “One Chance” Blessing en Mexico y en Toronto

| November 17, 2007

Paul Potts Our Welsh Minstrel, doth sing for the people of this world.    In each Kingdom that our Sir Paul hath visited, the people have embraced his voice with great passion.   We are so proud of his courage and his humility as he rides to the far corners of the earth.   Youtube hath given the world […]

March of the Penguins – Small Knights with Hearts of Courage and Love

| November 9, 2007

Movie Review Is there a language that all creatures of this earth speak?    Have humans lost the ability to listen and recognize this special language?   The film “March of the Penguins” speaks in that universal language and we are at one with the Emperor Penguins. In the heart of Antarctica, the most isolated and rigorous […]

The Sun Set on Sir Lancelot, Robert Goulet – Thou will be Missed

| October 31, 2007

Sir Lancelot’s Ride to Camelot As thou rideth into the low mist, which cannot blot your shining star  Lancelot, thou will be missed.    Thy voice was a sweet tremble to this world.   Much thou hath traveled in the realm of music and behind thou hath left a treasure of memories. Your son, Galahad on a white […]

Our Lancelot, Robert Goulet, is Fighting for His Life – Camelot is with Him

| October 26, 2007

Lancelot For one brief, shining moment, Robert Goulet was Sir Lancelot in Lerner and Loewe’s hit broadway musical, Camelot in 1960. But, alas our Lancelot is now heavily sedated and breathing through a respirator in a Los Angeles hospital. Vera Goulet, his wife, is by his side and said that he is awaiting a lung […]

Khalil Gibran – “The Prophet” Speaks of Work

| October 22, 2007

Work Then a ploughman said, “Speak to us of Work.” And he answered, saying: You work that you may keep pace with the earth and the soul of the earth. For to be idle is to become a stranger unto the seasons, and to step out of life’s procession, that marches in majesty and proud […]

Paul Potts Loveth the Fjords in Norway as He Rides Around the World

| October 17, 2007

Paul Potts Our Welsh Minstrel, Paul Potts who we admire greatly in Camelot, is slowly circumnavigating the globe to bestow his gift among a multitude of admirers. And at each port he doth speak with great humility and gratitude.  This is very relaxed Paul Potts being interviewed on Norwegian TV on August 9th.   We think […]