Knights of the Pain Table

A Camelot for Sufferers of Chronic Pain

Angeles by Enya – Angels Answer Me to Calm the Storm

| January 4, 2010

Angeles Angels, answer me Are you near if rain should fall? Am I to Believe you will rise to calm the storm? As the night came upon the weary Knights, a nightingale didst hear the ethereal wind speak. The broken silence lifted their eyes with knowing hertes. In the darkness there was a silver light […]

Vitolio and Asuka Waltz with Enya in So You Think You Can Dance

| July 15, 2009

Vitolio  and  Asuka Dance is like a language that has a story to tell. When a dance speaks to us, the physical is harmonized with spiritual.  Sometimes when you watch a dance, it transcends time and you are brought into the story. Now let Vitolio Jeune and Asuka Kondoh of “So You Think You Can […]

Oíche Chiún (Silent Night ) – Enya Doth Sing the Perfect Silent Night – Mild and Gentle

| December 22, 2007

Oíche Chiún – Silent Night Under the brilliance of the sacred Star the Blessed Child doth lay in the Manger.  The night was still.    When one listens to the words of Silent Night it is as if a Blessed Angel is singing these words. Perhaps that is why when I first heard Enya sing this […]

Vale of Avalon is in our Midst – Enya Beyond

| August 4, 2007

Merlin led the Knights of the Pain Table towards the magical mystical land of Avalon.  With a neigh of delight, his horse seemed to sense the sweetness of the unknown which lay before them.  The wind was fair and Merlin felt these words in his memory. To the island-valley of Avilion; Where falls not hail, […]

May it Be by Minstrel Enya

| July 24, 2007

May it Be   May it be an evening star Shines down upon you May it be when darkness falls Your heart will be true you walk a lonely road Oh! How far you are from home   Enya, one of the greatest minstrels listened to Merlin describe the long way,  and helped all the […]

The Way is Long

| July 24, 2007

The Way The way is long — let us go together The way is difficult — let us help each other The way is joyful — let us share it The way is ours alone — let us go in love The way grows before us — let us begin — Unknown origin  The Way […]